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College Library

(i) The college library is named as with working hours from 10am. to 5pm., it is a closed access library.
(ii) Issue and return of books will be made through the library card.
(iii) Loss of library card should be reported to the librarian and duplicate card will be issued on application to the Principal through the Librarian along with Rs.20/- (Money receipt should be enclosed to the application)
(iv) Books issued to various kinds of borrower:-
(a) Reader /Sr. Lecturer/Lecturer – 20/25 each
(b) Demonstrator - 5 each
(c) Clerk - 3 each
(d) Peon - 1 each
(e) +3 pass students - 3 each
(f) +3(Hons.) students - 5 each The above distribution is subject to the availability of books.
(v) Reader/Sr. Lecturer /Lecturer/demonstrator can keep books for the session. Non teaching staff can keep books for 15 days.
(vi) Students who do not return the books in due time shall be fined 50paise per book for each day of delay.
(vii) Books can be taken only after signing on the loan register by the borrower.
(viii) Borrowers should check the book before issue. In case of any damage found later, the responsibility shall be fixed on the borrower & the cost of the book with fine will be realised from him/her.
(ix) A defaulting borrower shall not be allowed to borrow books further.
(x) Courses of studies / Rare Books shall not be issued
. (xi) Teachers of one department shall not normally borrow other departmental books.
(xii) In case of loss of books three times of the cost of the book will be recovered from the borrower.
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