Let this College tread on the blossomed path of petals and continue to inspire thousands to enter the hallowed portals of education, to look beyond the horizon and to set target avidly or the starry sky.

Governing Body Members

Appointment of faculty in Charge of Student Career Cell.


GB Resulation 14.07.2021
GB Resulation 25.01.2022

01. Sri Rudra Madhab Ray, M.P., Khandhamal - President  
02. Sagar Bagarti - Principal,  I/c - Secretary (Ex – Officio)  
03. Sri Rabindra Kumar Pradhan  - Member (Teacher Representative)  
04.                                                     - Member (W), (Teacher Representative)  
05. Sri Suresh Chandra Karmi  - ? Member (Non-Teaching Staff Representative)  
06. Sri Shankarsan Pradhan - Member (Chairman, Panchayat Samiti)  
07. Sri Chhailendra Narayan Sahu - Member (M.P. Nominee)  
08. Sri Bhagaban Kanhar - Member  (M.L.A.)  
09. Smt. Tanuja Panigrahi - Member [DHE (O) Nominee] (W)  
10. Smt. Bimala Naik - Member (Vice Chanceller Nominee) (W)  
11. Sri Sudam Sahu - Member (S.T.)  
12. Sri Kalu Khan - Member (Minority Community)  
13. Sri Chaturbhuja Sahu -  Member (Doner)  
14. Smt. Sabita Mahananda - Women Member   
15. Smt. Mamata Naik - Women Member  

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