Let this College tread on the blossomed path of petals and continue to inspire thousands to enter the hallowed portals of education, to look beyond the horizon and to set target avidly or the starry sky.

Our Teaching Staff


Sl No. Name  and Designation Qualification
 01.   Sri Sagar Bagarti , Lecture In History , Principal I/C   M.A
 02.   Sri Kishore Chandra Jagadev, Lecture in Odia   MA. M.Phil
 03.   Sri Rabindra Kumar Padhan, Lecture in Education   MA. , B.Ed., M.Phil
 04.   Sri Debadas Mohapatra lecture, in English   M.A.
 05.   Dr. Itishree Das, Lecture in Odia   MA., M.Phil , Ph.d
 06.   Sri Basanta Kumar Khatua, Lecture in History   MA. M.Phil
 07.   Smt. Sasmita Palai, Lecture in Pol.Sc   MA. M.Phil
 08.   Sri Shankar Padhan, Lecture in Pol. Sc   MA., Sociology & Social Work , M.Phil
 09.   Sri Pranab Kishore Sahu , P.E.T   M.A. B.P. Ed
10.   Sri Achuyuta Kumar Bhue, Lecture in Education   M.A. B. Ed.
11.   Sri Sunil Haripal, Lecture in Odia   M.A.


Sl No. Name  and Designation Qualification
 01.   Mrs. Manini Dash, Lecture in Botany   M.Sc
 02.   Ms. Basanti Mendli, Lecture in Matematics   M.Sc. M.Phil
 03.   Sri Sibudatta Purohit, Lecture in Physics   M.Sc.
 04.   Sri Sanshit Kumar Rath lecture, in Chemistry   M.Sc.
 05.   Ms. Nikita Hota, Lecture in Zoology   M.Sc.


 06.   Ms. Subhashree Minakhi, Demonstrator in Zoology   B.Sc.
 07.   Sri. Balgopal Karmi, Demonstrator in Chemistry   B.Sc.

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